Script to remind you to take a break

You shouldn't spend 8 solid hours at the keyboard. We all know this. Every 20-30min you should take a short streatch break. Of course when I'm coding I get in the zone and before I know it, I've been at the keyboard for 16 straight hours. So I had to make a little reminder.

There might be better ways of doing this, but I decided to use Tcl/Tk and wish (

So first create something for wish to run (for the record it took me hours of googling and testing to figure this out):

Now all you have to do is schedule it in your chrontab to run every X minutes Pprobably want to limit it to running during work hours. Otherwise you'd end up with a bazillion of these windows on Monday morning.

Note the DISPLAY=:0.0. This tells it to pop up on your screen and not wherever cron might want (or rather not pop it up at all). Highly recommend checking out if you're having issues with wish and cron playing nicely together.

Last modified: Wed May 30 11:01:27 EDT 2012